Participation alerts!

I know, 3 updates in 2 days?! I’m on fire over here.

I just wanted to give you all the heads up on a couple of things.

First, as I was driving to my dance class last night, this story about a Tango milonga happening TONIGHT in Logan Square came on WHYY. How cool is this? For one night only the city is hosting this dancing event around Swann Fountain. For those of you that have the time or are in the city (ahem, Gar-Bear!) the event is free and is from 5:30 — 7:30.

Next up, PureDWTS is thinking of putting together a recipe book. Trashers and Trashettes, does this have our name all over it or what? I’ve already alerted the Tsarina. Perhaps we will put together our own cookbook? Face it, we should market this gold to ABC, directly. Not only are we marketable to their DWTS fans, but also their Bachelor and Bachelorette fans. I can see this becoming a whole cookbook series, one for each day of the week.

And finally, ABC’s Design A Dance is now open to voting for what pros you’d like to see dance. Guess who I voted for, you guys?

No-brainer there. I also voted for Karina, just because we never see Tristan paired with her. But you can go vote for whichever pros strike your fancy, and in the coming weeks there will be voting for costumes and stuff, too.

See you soon, Trashers!


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